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I got a letter from Absolute Resolutions, but there are no allegations listed!

 How can I answer allegations, when there are none listed in the letter I received?
I sent a generalized response to the first letter (which had no allegations, just a bunch of info on their purchase of the debt and 3 attached exhibits) just to suggest an option for settling my debt.  After finding SoloSuit, however, I regret even sending a response (the follow up response from Absolute presumed my response was to pay the full amount. I did not even mention the amount, just an introduction into possible solutions, however, I did not mention I had a dispute with the amount either - so I screwed myself, apparently).
Basically, all the letter(s) showed was "MOTION FOR JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS", followed by a page marked "JUDGMENT" with a line for a judge to sign and a line for the date.  That's it!
NO allegations what-so-ever.
My question again: How can I answer allegations when there are none? 

Best Answer

We have sent you an email regarding judgment


We have sent you an email regarding judgment

Ok - I found the original complaint (summons)  and the complaint (in bold).

The Plaintiff by counsel, for its cause of action against the Defendant states as follows:
1. The Plaintiff owns and is the holder of an account due and owing by the Defendant.
2. The original creditor is ############.
3. The original account number is ************####.
4. The Defendant is indebted to the Plaintiff in the amount of $5,216.11
5. Venue is proper with this court based on the Defendant residing in HENRY County.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests the following relief:
1 . Judgment against the Defendant in the amount of $5,216.11
2. Interest thereon at the rate of 6% per annum from the date of Judgment, until the Judgment is satisfied;
3. For Plaintiffs costs herein expended;
4. For any and all other relief to which the Plaintiff may be entitled.

I don't believe there was an actual motion for judgement as the last letter shows it to take place on Friday, May 26th, 2023 (in 2 days!)
I'll try and respond again to get this delayed (I did discover an error in the credit card company's computation that violates the original terms of the agreement, so need to delay this judgement and will seek out a lawyer - I don't owe anywhere this amount!)

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