This article will tell you how SoloSuit works. 

We'll outline everything you need to know to determine what we do and how to use our services. 

SoloSuit is not a law firm or an attorney. Because of regulations, we do not provide you with any legal advice, guidance, or representation. You can click on the blue links below to understand the meaning of the terms used.


Our primary service is an Answer to a Complaint for a debt collection lawsuit. You can generate your Answer document for free and then pay us to have an attorney review it and to file it for you to the Court and Attorney. Filing an Answer will prevent you from losing automatically by default judgement

Currently, we do not help with settlements or initiating a lawsuit. We do offer a Debt Validation Letter service. If you have received a collections letter or call, but not a lawsuit, then our Debt Validation Letter is for you. 

We are not able to guarantee your Answer will be delivered by your case deadline. Up-to-date filing times are posted on our Pricing page. On average, Standard orders are filed in 8 days and Premium orders are filed in 6 days. Frequently, we file in 1-3 business days. Notably, we have found that courts are usually quite lenient and accept answers that are filed late by people without an attorney. 


To use our services you need a Summons and Complaint. If you do not have a Summons and a Complaint, then it may be best to call your court clerk and ask if they have the documents on file for your case. You can ask for the case "docket." If the files are not available, then ask the clerk what you should do.


You can select either our Free, Standard, or Premium service.

  • Free — We'll ask you some questions on our website; you'll provide responses. We'll use your response to produce your Answer document. You will then need to print two copies of the Answer and mail one to the court and the other to the attorney suing you. It can be difficult to find the mailing address of your court; you'll need to do it on your own. 
  • Standard — You'll go through the same process as in Free but with some key changes. We will print and file your documents for you, with the court and the attorney. Some courts charge a filing fee. If there is a filing fee, we will calculate it, collect it from you, and pay it to the court for you. We typically file Standard orders via USPS 3-5 day First-Class Certified Mail. Sometimes we e-file. Standard costs only $67.
  • Premium — Premium includes everything in Standard, plus an attorney review and faster filing. We'll send your Answer, Summons, and Complaint to be reviewed by an attorney partnering with SoloSuit. If changes are needed, we'll let you know. Once your document is ready, we'll file for you via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail. Sometimes we e-file. Premium costs only $197.


This video walks through the full site: It's a little out of date but the general process is the same. 


More about Standard:

We will assign your order to a Legal Support Specialist. They will organize your Answer, Summons, and Complaint. We will determine whether your court charges a filing fee.


If there is no filing fee, then the Answer will be tagged as ready-to-mail. 

If your court charges a filing fee we will email you. You can choose to pay the fee with your card on file or with a different card. Alternatively, you can choose to apply for a fee waiver. We can email you a fee waiver application; you'll fill it out and then we'll file it for you with your answer. 

For many courts, you are now able to pay for the filing fee immediately online when you pay for your Answer.


When we file your order, we will email you the tracking numbers for the envelopes sent to the court and to the attorney. Once the documents are delivered, that is the end of the process and our work is complete. 

You can call your court clerk for further updates, providing them with your case number.


More about Premium:

The process is the same as with Standard, but with some crucial added benefits. 

We'll send your Answer, Summons, and Complaint to an attorney for review. If edits are needed, your Legal Support Specialist will email you to schedule a call to discuss. Once you approve the document, we will file for you via Priority Mail, and send you the tracking numbers.