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The process server left an envelope taped to my door.

I was gone one day and there was an brown envelope taped to my door. There was only a citation in the envelope. there was no petition attached like it said.  So I emailed the court in Harris County Texas where the court was and told them this I also told them I was judgement proof. I never heard anything back so I thought it was over with until last month in April I got a letter in the mail from the Harris County Texas court telling me I needed to appear on May 10, 2023 to a pretrial conference. If one party doesnt attend the judge may issue a default judgement. I was surprised. So then I went to the Harris county website and found the sworn statement by the process server that under perjury he swears he delievered by hand to a gray hair lady he described me being taller and weighing more and I have never ever had gray hair. So my daughter had to go to court for something else and a man came up and said he had not been served the judge said well you are here so you knew about the court date so that is good enough. That  is my question. What if she pulls that on me after all I did get a envelope taped to my door that is how I found out. So she could tell me well you knew about the lawsuit so that is good enough. Should I keep fighting. Also can I asked TD bank to show me where I signed a contract or a signature of mine. I have had my identity stollen 3 times and I am not even sure the account is mine. Since the Process server lied that he served me is the court legally have jurisdiction even though I told the courts via email as my answer what happened they didnt believe me and continued with the lawsuit. I am 72 I am so worried about this. Is there free legal help available. Can you advise me please ?

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We sent you an email in response to this

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We sent you an email in response to this

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