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Need help! We did the compel to arbitration but lost our case what else i can do?


We ask to compel arbitration JP Morgan is suing us. The judge granted it, but ask us to start the arbitration process and give us 45 days to do it. since we're not the one who is suing, We wrote a letter and email to the judge and the attorney from JP Morgan That we are not suing and that JP Morgan should start the arbitration process since they're the one suing,  we didn't hear anything for 50 days, Then we just got served with papers of Final SUMMARY JUDGMENT against us.. It said on the papers that I have 45 days from the date of the final judgment unless the judgment is satisfied or a motion for a new trial or notice of appeal is filed. The defendant(s) should not file the completed form with the court.  What should be my next step on this 

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Unfortunately, we would not be able to assist with that. We highly suggest you reach out to free legal aid. To find free legal aid organizations in your area, you can use the Legal Services Corporation's (LSC) directory at The LSC is an independent nonprofit established by Congress to provide financial support for civil legal aid to low-income Americans.
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