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Possession of meth

A highway patrol man stop me on my boy friends truck and said it had the wrong tags on it but they were the right tags ,the license bureau just gave him a sticker instead of new tags .So he ask me to come back to his car.I did and he said he smelled a faint smell of marijuana when he came up to my window and he couldn't smell it because I don't even smoke it.I use to years ago an had to do 2 years probation. So I n no longer smoke it.He ask to search the truck and my boy friend and I both gave him permission. He didn't fond anything in the truck but hr searched my purse and found a small tin that I had found in the lot next to me where my moms house burned. People are always throwing stuff in the yard and I go over and pick up all the trash and limbs in the yard. Well I collect tons so when I found it I just threw it in my purse and actually forgot about it being in there.I had never looked in it cause you could tell it was empty. Well he came back to his car and had it open and asked me if any drugs or anything was ever in there and I said not that I know of because I found it.He showed me it and there was a few little sparkles in it and he said he was taking it With him and if it came back as meth I would have a warrant for my arrest.He then gave me a ticket for no insurance cause my boy friend couldn't find his card.Helmet me go then and about 20 minutes later he shows up at my house with another police officer and told me I was under arrest for possession of meth He then hand cuffed me and took me down to city police station and finger printed me and took my mug shot and then he let me go and said he didn't know if the prosecutor would file it or not.I never gave him permission to search my purse and when he left with the tin he never tagef it or concealed it he just put it his pocket. He then gave me a ride back to my house .When I went to court the judge said you Are changed with a class D felony of possession of meth and gave me another court date and I said what about my no insurance ticket and he said oh we ain't worried about that.I'm still going to court and they want to give me 5 years probation. Can anything be done about the way he did this?

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I'm sorry, but we do not assist with this. Please contact free legal aid or your local bar association.

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I'm sorry, but we do not assist with this. Please contact free legal aid or your local bar association.

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