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Motion to Compel Arbitration

I recently took advantage of a free phone consultation with an attorney through SoloSuit. The consultation answered many of my questions but did raise more questions. When I brought up that I would like to pursue a Motion to Compel Arbitration (which I already purchased through SoloSuit) he said that I should be careful when doing so and pay attention to the verbiage on the Arbitration Clause because sometimes debtors can get themselves in a situation where they're stuck paying all the fees and these fees can sometimes be heftier then the debt. I didn't have time in my consultation to review my Credit Card Agreement with the attorney. The fact that he told be to be careful about pursuing a Motion to Compel Arbitration scared me. I have a copy of my original credit card agreement with the Arbitration Clause with most legal documents I don't really understand the language.  Can someone please tell me if I have a case for arbitration or if I am making matters worse for myself? I've attached a copy of the Arbitration Clause.

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Hi Marcie,

The best person that could answer that would be the specialized attorney. We at SoloSuit are not attorneys and so we cannot provide you with any legal advice or guidance. 
So any and all questions about whether or not you should do the Arbitration document and if your case needs it should be directed to the court. You will find the name of the court listed on your Summons and Complaint document.

Our Motion to Compel Arbitration — this powerful document makes it easy to win your case. The Motion to Compel Arbitration is a document sent by someone being sued for debt to their debt collector. If your credit card or loan agreement includes an arbitration clause, our document is likely a great option for you. It uses the arbitration clause in your credit card agreement against the collector. This makes it more difficult and more expensive for the collector to come after you. Many debt collectors will simply give up after receiving our Motion to Compel Arbitration.

To determine whether your agreement has an arbitration clause, follow the steps in this article. 

We don't offer a mailing service for the MCA and DLSL; you can use SoloSuit to create the documents but you'll need to send them on your own.  

SoloSuit isn't a law firm so we don't provide representation or legal advice. At this time, we do not help with interrogatories, admissions, hearings/trials, or mediation.
Lots of our customers ask us for additional help or ask for an attorney. And we refer them to the Debt Relief Hotline: 888-694-5077
Deja Bryant
Closing the Justice Gap

DISCLAIMER: SoloSuit is not an attorney. SoloSuit is not your attorney. We do not provide legal advice nor do we practice law. This correspondence is not legal advice. SoloSuit is a self-help tool. We provide no guarantee regarding case outcomes nor are we liable for any case outcomes. SoloSuit is a product provided by Lawble, Inc, which also is not your attorney and does not provide legal advice. 
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