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60 days serviced after filling

ok 2/20/2020collecter filled, my roommate got summons for me 73 days latter, I reponed (parerialegel),now there was a court date i did not know about ,. now i have cmc 6/1/2022yesterday i get cms ,.i also read about courts getting 90% cases done 12 months 98% 18 months 100% 24 months .im at 28 months after them filling  do i have any grounds hear i also have more

they filled on me feb 20/2020  served me on 5/3/2020 thats over 60 days ,then thery did nothing untill4/15/2022 there was a osc ,now i recieved a court date 6/1/2022 

so about them serving me over 60 days ?

and sitting doing nothing for 2 years  is this right or what can i do 

Hi Billy, I didn't catch that, sorry. What is your question? 

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