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Quash of service

Question u are sending out response I am now disabled on social security I don't work or even leave home that much. I was literally in my home which is back on property and this man went through a locked electric gate and showed up on My porch. I was in my bedroom and I hate to say it changing clothes and he saw me with let's say we'll birthday suit through my front door that was open for the morning. I screamed and shut my bedroom door. He ran and just left that paperwork on my porch. Can I file a grevience on him. I was so embarrassed. I was not expecting anyone as gate was closed. It's electric and u need a remote to get through. He has not yet filed that he delivered it. Should we wait to file answers.? Until he files that he delivered it. I really would like to file something against him. So embarrassed. Any help would be appreciated. Thank u Christina Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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We responded to you via email.

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We responded to you via email.

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