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Served with Garnishment

I was served with Garnishment. It does not have the word complaint.  Says 20 days to respond though. I want a hearing to decide validity of claim.

1)Garnishment happened without me knowing.

2)How do I know if I sent mail to the 11th district courthouse for Miami Dade county at the 73 Flagler or the other address?  There are two courthouses.  It is a small claims suit.

Yes this is the first I have heard from them.  How should I respond?

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First, you can contact the Court Clerk of both offices and ask them if you made a response. Once you are certain that you made no response, then you can work on removing the default judgment.

If there is a default judgment entered against you — that means you lost your case.

But, we can get you a second chance. You can fill out this Motion to Set Aside Judgment and we'll file it along with your order. This Motion to Set Aside Judgment asks the judge to accept your Answer and to give you a second chance since you weren't able to respond to the lawsuit the first time. Fill out these two documents. 

Motion to Set Aside Judgment:

Order for an MSA:

You can use SoloSuit to respond to generate your Answer to the lawsuit once the default judgment is removed. 

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