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Filed an answer received Mediation Date

I received a reply from my answer setting up a Mediation date.

Just wondering if it is any benefit to compel for Arbitration or request a settlement?

Yes, you can always try to compel arbitration or to settle. 

The mediation is probably a mediation set up by the court. It will probably be free to both parties. In Mediation, both parties come to the table and the mediator tries to help them come to an agreement. If an arrangement that each party agrees to is reached, then they sign the agreement. If not, the case continues going to trial. 

In arbitration, the person suing you usually needs to pay for it, and it can cost thousands of dollars. In arbitration, an arbitrator hears both parties and then makes a decision. Both parties are automatically bound to the decision. The case can't really go to court after that. You can use SoloSuit's Motion to Compel Arbitration to force arbitration.

In settlement, the parties can settle without the hassle of Mediation or Arbitration. If the defendant owes some portion of the debt, it's entirely possible they'll get a better deal via settlement. You can use SoloSuit's Debt Lawsuit Settlement Letter to offer settlement.  

How do I ask the opposing counsel to have an early mediation and that I am self representing myself due to my former lawyers unethical and misconduct behavior including delaying my trial date to deceive me and withdraw from the case that was near end? What motion do I file in court.
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