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Court and service

Need to know if you're service can help have a court date for February 15th for a credit card debt from a collection agency warrant doesn't show complaint civil warrant

what is debt warrant from common wealth of virginia no case number on that

George, yes, we can help. 

Let me make sure I understand. You have a court date on Feb 15. 

You've been sued by a collection agency for a credit card debt. Did you receive a Complaint? Or a Warrant in Debt? Are you in Virginia? 

If you want to win, you should show up in court on the 15th. And depending on which document you received, you should file an Answer before then. We make it easy to file an Answer. 

Ray, Virginia is a little weird. Sometimes they use a "Warrant in Debt." A Warrant in Debt is essentially a summons to appear in court because you are being sued for debt. You don't need to file an Answer to respond to it. You just need to show up in court for the hearing mentioned on the Warrant. 

Here's what a Warrant looks like:

Here's our article explaining what to do:

Here's the law about it: Virginia Code § 16.1-79

Hello George i need help to file motion or something i dont live in Virginia i m in florida can you help

Hi Ray, yes, SoloSuit can help. 

We can file an Answer to respond to a lawsuit in FL. It's one of our most popular states. We can also help with motions. What type of motion do you need to file? 

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WELL its a debt warrant from virinia there is no case number or any thing here is my email

(309 KB)
(608 KB)
(497 KB)

i just attach the letter what they send

(309 KB)

 let me know how you can respond

(497 KB)

Hi Ray, the first document is a Service of Process or Certificate of Service. The second document is the Warrant in Debt. 

You should review the VA code about Warrants in Debt here: Virginia Code § 16.1-79

SoloSuit isn't a law firm so we're prohibited by regulation from providing legal advice. 

Generally, to fight a warrant, all the defendant needs to do is show up in court on the scheduled date. In this case, the document says you need to show up on Feb 23. 

Are you saying you've been served for a case in VA but you're physically in FL? That's a pain. 

Generally, you need to appear in person. You could hire an attorney to show up for you. Or you can call the court and see if they are doing virtual hearings. Or you can fly to VA. Or you can try filing a document in court stating you are in FL. 

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