The Answer is a document filed in court to respond to a Complaint. This is the primary document generated on by SoloSuit.

Parts of an Answer

Our Answer documents follow the typical legal format, which includes the following: 

  1. Caption: identifies the court in which it’s filed, names of the plaintiff and defendant, and titles the document
  2. Answer: responds to each allegation listed in the complaint (admits, denies, or denies due to lack of knowledge)
  3. Affirmative Defenses: states the defendant's case (lists facts that, if proven, defeat the plaintiff’s allegations 
  4. Prayer ("wherefore" clause) and Signature: formally requests that the plaintiff's petition for relief be denied
  5. Certificate of Service/Mailing: at the very end of the Answer document, verifies the mailing addresses to which the documents are sent as well as the date they are mailed