SoloSuit's Debt Answer- When you’re sued for a debt, you receive a Complaint and Summons, also called a Petition or Warrant for Debt. To respond, you need to file an Answer document within the deadline. You can create an Answer on our site. When you’re done we’ll have an attorney review it, and get it filed for you. Many debt collectors will simply drop the case after receiving our response. And it costs only a fraction of the price of a traditional attorney.

You need the Summons and Complaint documents to complete your Answer. You can choose either our Free, Standard, or Premium packages.

You can use SoloSettle after the debt answer document has been mailed out.


SoloSettle- Makes it easy to settle with your collector. Use SoloSettle to make an offer to begin negotiation. When you and the collector agree to an amount, we’ll arrange payment. You save thousands by settling the debt, and the collector leaves you alone. You only pay if a settlement is reached (19% COMMISSION ON TOTAL AMOUNT OF DEBT). Automated offer drafting. No direct contact with the collector is needed. Please make sure to first respond to the Summons and Complaint document by creating an initial answer document, and then you can use this service,

So whether you plan to settle or not. You must legally respond to the Summons and Complaint document with a debt answer.