What is SoloSettle?

SoloSettle helps collectors settle debts with our customers. It is a new tool from SoloSuit. 

How does it work? 

A SoloSuit customer makes an offer to settle a debt via our software. This offer is sent as an email directly to the debt collector. The debt collector can accept or counteroffer by responding to the email. This response is sent directly to the customer. 

Once a settlement is reached, the collector sends the settlement agreement. The customer's payment is sent via Checkbook.io. The collector can deposit payment however they want: request a paper check, ach transfer, print a check, etc. Once the collector receives payment, the collector takes the appropriate action to resolve the case, usually dismissing the lawsuit. 

Is SoloSuit a debt settlement company? 

SoloSettle is a product of SoloSuit, Inc. SoloSuit is not a debt settlement company nor is it a law firm. It is a software company. Consumers make their own decisions when using SoloSuit products. 

What happens when I respond? 

When you respond to the offer email, your response is transmitted directly to the customer via our software. 

Why do I need to respond in a particular format? 

Your response must follow the particular format indicated in the email. This format is required for the software to be able to present your response appropriately to the customer. 

If you do not respond appropriately, you will receive an email indicating your response is unable to be transmitted. 

Should I respond to a SoloSettle offer?

Yes. SoloSettle is the best way to resolve a debt and settling is advantageous for both parties. 

Why am I receiving an error email? 

After responding to an email from a customer via SoloSettle, you may receive an email that says something like this: "Unfortunately, your reply couldn't be understood. . . ." Usually, you'll receive this email because your response didn't conform with the required format. In other situations, you may have received this email because your counteroffer was outside the acceptable range. The acceptable range is between $0.99 and $810,000. 

What if I have feedback? 

If you have feedback such as comments, ideas, or suggestions, leave them here: https://forms.gle/wUK1fzmZyxQz5ao39