I am reaching out because I have recently been served by a credit card collector, and while doing some research, I came across your youtube videos and page on how to respond to the lawsuit through your website. I am interested in using this platform to file, however, I have some questions and I am hoping I can get a response at your earliest convenience so that I can make my decision quickly. 

To know a little more about my case, I am being sued by [a debt collector] through Synchrony Bank in the state of Florida. The amount I am being sued for is [$2,000]. Unfortunately, this was an account I opened up back in [20XX], I believe for a favor that I did for an ex boyfriend of mine at the time. I was told by him that he would take care of the payments, however, come to find out he never did. I want to know how I can go about this case. 

My main questions are:

1. Should I file it through arbitration? (watched it from your youtube video)
2. How do taxes work? Does this go to my 1099?
3. If I file through Solosuit, do I still have to attend the court date? 

If I can get a response as soon as possible that would be great. 

Thank you for your help in this!

Sounds like you're being sued for a credit card debt with Synchrony in FL. That is a very common case type that we help with. 

Most people in your position opt for the attorney review to make sure their Answer is good to go and we file for them. 

SoloSuit isn't an attorney and because of regulation we can't give legal advice.

1. Filing a Motion to Compel Arbitration against Synchrony yields very good results in our experience. unfortunately, we aren't currently doing MCAs for customers. 
2. The debt collector couldn't garnish your tax return. However, if the debt is forgiven, it may be considered income and therefore taxed. More info: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/tax-consequences-settled-forgiven-debt-29792.html
3. About 70% of our cases get dismissed or settled. Often times this happens before a court date. If you act fast to settle, you probably wouldn't have to go to court. SoloSuit doesn't go to court for you.