Sometimes court documents are rejected by the court. This happens regularly, even when professional attorneys are filing the documents. Sometimes SoloSuit documents are rejected as well. 

This is no cause for alarm. Usually, when a court rejects a document, they will include a "Notice of Rejection". This document will state why the Answer or other document was rejected. The issue stated simply needs to be resolved and the document needs to be refiled. 

Common reasons for rejection include

  • Wrong filing fee

  • E-signature not accepted

  • Some supporting document wasn't filed.

If you are a SoloSuit customer, we apologize for the inconvenience and we will happily refile for you. Just send us an email stating your document was rejected and include a picture of the Notice of Rejection. 

In most cases, the clock on your deadline to file will unofficially pause when your first attempt to file is rejected.