The case number may be made up of numbers and letters. It is usually located on the top half of the first page, beneath the court information. Sometimes it may be stamped on the margins of the document or in another location.

The civil number may also be called the "index no.," "case no.," "file no.," or something else. 

If you're using the SoloSuit flow to make an Answer and you can't find the case number after looking thoroughly, type "not provided."

Here are some common examples of case numbers. 

  • California
    • 31-2021-01204452-CL-CL-CJC
    • 21NWLC23307
  • New York (called "Index No.")
    • 09623/2020
    • 709841/2013
  • Texas
    • DC-21-08009
    • 21DBC-0967-JP12